How To: Tell time in Spanish

Tell time in Spanish

In this lesson we will be learning how to tell the time in Spanish.

Before we begin you may need to refer back to the lessons beforehand involving numbers (specifically numbers 1-59 for this lesson).

Steps 1: First how to ask 'What time is it?'
'Que hora es'?

Step 2: If you are asked this question, here are examples of how to reply.

One O'clock = 'Es la una'
Two O'clock = 'Son las dos'
Three O'clock = 'Son las tres'
Four O'clock = 'Son las cuatro'
Five O'clock = 'Son las cinco'
Six O'clock = 'Son las seis'
Seven O'clock = 'Son las seite'
Eight O'clock = 'Son las ocho'
Nine O'clock = 'Son las nueve'
Ten O'clock = 'Son las diez'
Eleven O'clock = 'Son las once'
Twelve O'clock = 'Son las doce'

Step 3: Depending on whether its 12:00 or 00:00 you can also use a different phrase as long as it is exactly twelve no minutes after or before.

Twelve O'clock Midday = 'Es el mediodia'
Twelve O'clock Midnight = 'Es la medianoche'

Step 4: To add minutes to your time all you need to add is a 'y' and the number afterwards, for example.

Ten past One = 'Es la una y diez'

Step 5: To add pm or am to your time use these phrases after your time.

Morning = 'de la manana'
Afternoon = 'de la tarde'
Night = ' de la noche'

Step 6: Now let's practice answering the time.

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Tell time in Spanish - Part 3 of 3

Tell time in Spanish - Part 3 of 3 Click through to watch this video on

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